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Bird Trapping and Bird Banding - Hand Bub

Bird Trapping & Bird Banding - Hans Bub - MED-B001

  Description : The much sort after and hard to find trapping bible. First Published in 1978 this book covers a whole host of trapping methods and skills that tend to be overlooked in favour of Mist Netting.
  Specification : Cornell University Press - ISBN 0-8014-8312-3 - Soft Back

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Birds of the Lower Derwent Valley - A Historical Review 1850-2002 - Craig S Ralston

Birds of the Lower Derwent Valley - Craig S Ralston - MED-B002

  Special Note : The Full £10.00 price of this book will go directly to further funding of Bird Ringing and other Research Work within the Lower Derwent Valley.
  Description : This Publication provides the first comprehensive review of the birds of the Lower Derwent Valley National Nature Reserve in Yorkshire and thus establishes the definitive account of it's avifauna.  Craig undertook the review in the summer of 2000 to tie in with the turn of the millennium.  The sheer scale of the project soon became apparent and just under 5 years later the review is ready for release.  The review also covers the ringing activities up to 2002.
User Comments : The amount of time and effort Craig and others have put into this review has been well worth it.  The review clearly identifies the importance of the Lower Derwent Valley and it's 15 miles of flood-plain grasslands and marshes.
Specification : CDS - ISBN 1-85716-848-8 - Soft Back

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Merlins of the South-east Yorkshire Dales - Peter M Wright

Merlins of the South-easy Yorkshire Dales - Peter M Wright - MED-B003

  Description : This new book documents a twenty-year study of the Merlin Falco columbarius in the south-eastern part of the Yorkshire Dales.  The author, Peter Wright, is a former Head Ranger of the Yorkshire Dales National Park and has a lifelong interest in Britain’s smallest falcon.

‘Merlins of the South-east Yorkshire Dales’ describes the species’ moorland habitat, its behaviour during each stage of the breeding cycle and its productivity.  It also describes how adult birds were trapped and ringed in order to determine their recruitment into the population, their fidelity to nesting sites and their post-breeding dispersal.


Illustrated with 26 full colour photographs, this book includes numerous tables, figures and maps for those requiring specialised information and is written in a style which should also appeal to those with a more general interest in the Merlin.

Specification : ISBN 095512770X - Soft Back 100 pages,  Size 240 x 170 mm.

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Duck Decoys - Andrew Heaton


Duck Decoys - Andrew Heaton - MED-B004

Description : As New - well illustrated 40 page book detailing the History and Workings of Duck Decoys in the UK
Specification : Shire Publications - ISBN 0-7478-0497-4 - Soft Back 2001

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