Order Enquirers may be sent in one of the following manners :
  1. Directly by e-mail to order@wheatear.biz
  2. Phoned through on +44 (0)7803 134 123
  3. By using one of the Order Enquiry Forms below by saving it to you PC, Filling in the details, Saving and then sending it to order@wheatear.biz.
Excel 97 Excel 95 Excel R4 123 R9 123 97 123 WK4
You will then be sent a Pro Forma Invoice with the Postage and Packing Cost included if required.
You will then be required to Check the Pro Forma Invoice is correct and Confirm the Order as instructed on the Pro Forma Invoice.  Payment Details will also be shown on the Pro Forma Invoice.
Credit and Debit Card Payments can be made via e-mail and internet.  Inform us you wish to pay by this method and we will send an e-mail with the details.

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