Please note that Orders for Ringing Equipment will only be accepted when we have a Copy or Other Proof of your Current Bird Ringing License with the Correct Endorsements. 

If you are involved in research work and require items from the Ringing Equipment section but do not hold a Bird Ringing/Banding Permit please contact use for details of our requirements.

The above may be sent to along with any queries relating to the above.

Other Ringing/Banding Equipment that does not require a permit for use,  such as measuring equipment can be found in our Accessories Section.

Duck  Funnels

Standard Duck Funnel 25 Kit - DF-K02A Product based on Swan Funnels as used by the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust at Slimbridge.  The Duck Funnel is a smaller,  lightweight and very portable design that can be erected in less than 10 minutes. The Whole Funnel can be rolled up and easily transported on a cars Roof Rack.


Fleyg  Nets  &  Swan  Hooks

A selection of Fleyg Nets and Poles ideal for Seabirds and Wildfowl.  The Fleyg Nets are Strung Ourselves and are Deeper than normal Fishing Landing Nets.  This helps to prevent the Houdini Phenomenon or Fumble.

I addition were are now able to Supply Swan Hooks Manufactured by Ourselves.  These can be attached to suitably strong Mist Net Poles or mounted on the Aluminium Poles also available.

Mist  Nets

Mist Net Mesh Size - 19mm ShownA range of Mist Nets Primarily made of High Quality Japanese Netting made up in Poland.

Manufactures Tests have been carried out over more than 25 years in a wide range of environments from Arctic to Tropic,  and Forests to Deserts.

Polyester Nets are available in 75 denier only.  Nylon Nets are available in 70,  110,  210 and 235 denier.  The 235 denier Netting is made in Poland.  All nets are 2ply unless stated otherwise.  Mesh Size to measured in mm between nearest knots (19mm Shown in Photo on right).

All the nets are black bar with Coloured Loop to aid opening.  Nets up to 3 Shelves High have a Single Tethering Line whilst Nets with 4 or more Shelves have 2 Tethering Lines. Loops and Shelf Strings are knotted to prevent movement.

Sectional  Traps

Sectional Duck Trap - Lower Derwent Valley NNRLightweight uPVC Framed Wire Panels that can be easily assembled to form Large Portable Traps.  Various sizes of Panels and Trap Entrance Panels make the design suitable for a large number of Applications. 

The Prototype show being assembled in the Video Clip is now being Baited ready for Operation at the End of August 2003.  For those interested in purchasing this type of trap,  a visit to the prototype in the Lower Derwent Valley can be arranged by appointment.  Please contact us at or telephone : +44 (0)7803 134 123.



Spring  Traps

A New Range of Traps made by ourselves.  We are only producing one size at present including the Tent Version, Larger sizes are due to join the range shortly.  If you have any specific sizes of Spring Traps you would like please feel free to contact us at while were are in the process of developing the range. 

Wire  Traps

A selection on Wire Traps made by ourselves.  Not only the Familiar Chardonneret and Potter Trap Designs but also our Very Own Tried and Tested Duck Trap Design.  Although we call them Duck Traps,  they are just as,  if not more effective for Non-Wildfowl.

All our Wire Traps are Collapsible in Design allowing easy transportation from Site to Site.  We have had 8,  90cm x 90cm x 45cm Duck Traps as seen in these two photographs,  in the boot of a Ford Escort taking up little more than half the space of an erected Duck Trap.  The Traps can also be Spray Painted to help Camouflage them.

Large Duck Trap Errected - DT01     Large Duck Trap Folded for Storage or Transport - DT01    

Our Duck Traps have been used on the Lower Derwent Valley National Nature Reserve since 1998 and have proved to be a very successful for a number of Species.  The Construction Design allows for easy adaptation and has a huge numbers of Multi Trap Array Options.  Mounting the Duck Traps on Rafts has also been very successful for Wildfowl.

The Standard Entrance Design is adjustable to best suite the Target Species,  weather it be Small Passerines or Large Wildfowl.

If you would like further information on our Wire Traps Design, Options and Operation please contact us at or telephone : +44 (0)7803 134 123.

Ringing  Photo  Gallery

If you have any Photos of our Ringing Equipment in use please e-mail them to

Gadwall Pulli - Caught with Fleyg Net - Lower Derwent Valley NNR 28/06/2003    Tuffted Duck Pulli - Caught with Fleyg Net - Lower Derwent Valley NNR 28/06/2003     DT02 Being Set with Baffles and Trap Camouflaeged

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